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Imagine that you become part of an exclusive club where you have access to something before everyone else. That's what our presale offers. During this special phase, a limited number of tokens are available at a lower price for early adopters who want to join from the very beginning. This represents a unique opportunity to acquire tokens before they enter circulation and get listed on exchanges. Take advantage of the presale as a potential way to purchase digital assets before they hit the mass market.

FlightToken (FMT) is a special token that is a means of exchanging tickets in our system. We combine various air carrier databases and create a single register of used air tickets. This list is very popular among airlines and travel companies, which allows them to attract and sell more services to loyal and paying customers. And our token is a medium of exchange in such a system. We have also implemented the ERC 20 standard, which makes FMT even more flexible and easy to use.

Once our application is launched, the value of one FMT will be equivalent to one mile from your ticket. For instance, if you're traveling from London to New York, which is a distance of 3459 miles, you will receive 3459 FMT in your wallet when you exchange the ticket. During the pre-sale phase, we offer investors hundreds of thousands of miles, which later become a valuable asset. After the project is launched, earning FMT will only be possible through flight tickets.

1) You profit from the increase in token value over time as demand for them rises.
2) The company's blockchain ecosystem includes staking, and you can earn rewards for locking your tokens in a smart contract, thereby supporting network security and functionality.
3) Tokens have practical value within the platform or ecosystem, allowing you to use them for services or products and potentially receive discounts or benefits. In other words, you will have the opportunity to make flights for free.
4) We distribute additional tokens and bonuses to token holders as part of a loyalty program.
5) Tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and you can engage in trading activities to buy low and sell high, potentially earning a profit from price fluctuations.

We have developed a special algorithm that connects databases between airlines into a single registry. Thanks to this, our system can find discounts and promotions, as well as buy tickets at reduced prices.

We need funds to run the implementation of our algorithm and connect more airlines. The development team is constantly growing. Also, a considerable part of the funds is needed to promote and advertise our product.

Once 21 days have passed since the presale concluded, the request button on the website will be activated, allowing you to transfer your FMT tokens to your wallet.